Bernard Hitachi



Noriyoshi Bernard Hitachi | 月出 典芳 バーナード

Art Director | Designer | Photographer

Curious about the semantic? here’s my résumé.



Like many kids, my childhood weekends were also spent pillaging mindlessly through dense meadows. Though, the only difference was that my backyard was the forrest to the buddhist temple where my Hawaiian father works as an abbot. When Monday came around, my mother would drive me and my two older brothers back to the city where I attended an International School in Japan. To resolve strenuous commutes, I lived in the city during the weekdays. Oh did I mention that my house was a renovated Catholic Church? 

Today, I studying in my final year as a BA Design student at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Long story short, my childhood was far from “normal” and though I lack the tragedy of all great artist, it’s been constructed through various misshapen pieces all wrapped together by a loose string. Such exposure has given me a diverse understanding, not only of culture but fore mostly of creative processes. I’m continuously eager and open to learn, make mistakes and grow.