Bernard Hitachi

Animal Farm


Animal Farm - George Orwell


B Format 198 - 128mm Front Cover, 8mm Spine


Custom Type:

I began this project this creating a custom type face. Prior to this project, I visited the Tate Modern in London specifically to see The Red Star Over Russia exhibit by David King. I believed that by beginning with the typeface, I would develop stronger graphic elements that would aid the aesthetic of the whole book. Much like the Soviet Propaganda posters, I tried to capture strength and boldness in the font. Relying on strong geometric shapes, as opposed to handwritten or serif based type. 


Graphics and Illustration:

The development of a custom type face enabled me to build graphic elements that was coherent to the style of the cover. Inspired by Cyrillic script, I took the "M" from the title to create the fence. I believed that the fence was a significant imagery and representation of our current political tension. Animal Farm is just as relevant today, as it was when it was written in 1945. The fence became symbolic of Napoleon, Squealer, Snowball and Old Major. The exile of Snowball is further reflected in the broken fence. The fence is also relevant as it dictates separation between the farm and the outside world.


Typography & Layout: