Bernard Hitachi
The Hermit Final Logoblack-02.jpg

"The Hermit"



The Hermit is an upcoming Horror short film.

“A college couple is ambushed by a mysterious hermit in the woods. The girlfriend is kidnapped and held hostage in conditions that change her mental state. When she returns to society, she struggles to revert to her old self.”


My role as the graphic designer was to create the title/logo for the film. As well as creating the title, it was important to simultaneously build a visual identity that would be coherent with the narrative and essence of the film. These included creating secondary icons for the campaign of the film. This was particularly challenging for me as it was the first time working client that required a style so different to what I would usually do. The logo attempts capture the eeriness and frantic nature of antagonist in the film. As this is also reflected in the more spontaneous, expressive and illustrative approach required to create the logo.

I was also responsible for over seeing the Art Direction for the film’s campaign, in addition maintaining a strong social media presence